2015 Galapagos Ecuador
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While almost anyone can offer a myriad of travel options, how does one know which options are the most suitable for you?

This is why our first question is ...

"what are you expecting?"

This gives a clear notion of what you have in mind. Our 20+ years of 'tried and tested' experience comes into play.

How can a client accurately compare the advantages and disadvantages of numerous options without having an accurate point of comparison?

  • Which ones are better value for the price?
  • Which ones offer more qualified and experienced guides?
  • Which ones are more reliable?
  • Which ones are better options? (comparatively speaking)

Well, it greatly depends on what you are expecting.  We assist you match your expectations to the most appropriate options.

2015 Galapagos Islands
No two people are exactly alike ... which is why we assess the most suitable options for your particular needs.
"You generally find what you are looking for."

With our inside knowledge, we help you find what you think you are looking for.

Amazonas N23-31 (between Veintimilla & Wilson)
Quito, Ecuador - South America.

Tel.: + (593-2) (02) 222-1336 /
+ (593-2) (02) 256-0428
Tel/Fax.: + (593-2) (02) 256-0426
Skype: sangay.touring

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