Sep 18 2012

Dialing mobile / cellular numbers in Ecuador, South America


As of September 30th, 2012 anyone dialing an Ecuadorian mobile (cellular) telephone number must add an additional 9 (nine) after the first 0 (zero).  This means that all Ecuadorian cell numbers will now have 10 digits (instead of 9).

For dialing an Ecuadorian cell number internationally, the same holds true (i.e., adding an addition 9 (nine) after the first 0 (zero), to make a total of twelve digits for international dialing).

According to local sources, there are currently 24 million cellular numbers in Ecuador (1,500,000 with Alegro/CNT, 6,400,000 with Movistar and 16,100,000 with Claro).  By augmenting an additional digit (the new 9), the number of available numbers will increase by one million.

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