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Aug 24 2012

U.K. Travel Advisory for Ecuador: Machiavellian Politics or Exaggerated Caution?

U.K. issuing a travel advisory for Ecuador Travel advisory text directly from FCO website … “In view of recent demonstrations (August) outside the British Embassy Quito, and the British Honorary Consulate, Guayaquil related to the Assange case, British Nationals should exercise caution, avoid gatherings and carry ID at all times. Even peaceful demonstrations can turn …

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Jun 16 2012

Chilean tourist lost in the Galapagos Islands (Update: Found)

According to local news sources a 31-year old Chilean national, Felipe Bravo Rodriguez, has gone missing on the Island of Santa Cruz, in the Galapagos Islands.  He was last apparently seen on Monday in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island, near Bellavista. According to local reports, he arrived by taxi near Bellavista.  According to the taxi driver, …

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Jun 01 2012

Scuba divers dies in the Galapagos Islands

Sadly, this is the second news posting today of a fatality during adventure/extreme sports activities. … Scuba diver dies while scuba diving with Albatros Tours in the Galapagos Islands … more information to follow. This fact was confirmed this afternoon with a trusted source directly in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island in Galapagos. Although no …

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Jun 01 2012

Mindo Canopy Accident, Ecuador

The Ecuador Ministry of Tourism decided to temporarily suspend the Tourism company, Mindo Ropes & Canopy, that operates the zipline (canopy), where an American tourist died this past Sunday, May 27th 2012. Canopying (or zip lining) is an adventure activity involving horizontal cables to zip line across the top of the forest to apparently enjoy …

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Mar 13 2012

Political Protest Marches – Government & Opposition Measure Political Forces

JUMP TO LAST UPDATE Quito, Ecuador – March 9th 2012 Various social groups – predominately indigenous communities – are starting to rally protest marches against the government of Rafael Correa. Organized opposition marches started on March 8th in the town of El Pangui (see map below), located in the south of the country.  Spearheaded by local …

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Feb 16 2012

Dengue outbreak in the province of Guayas, Ecuador

The Ecuadorian Ministry of Public Health confirmed the first mortality due to a recent dengue outbreak in the southern province of Guayas (located on the southern Pacific coast of Ecuador, and where the largest city – Guayaquil – is located).  The Health Minister confirmed the death of a 12-year-old girl. The culprit is the Aedes …

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Dec 16 2011

10-day Quarantine due to Measles Outbreak in Achuar Community (Kapawi, Ecuador)

A recent outbreak of Measles adds to the recent rabies problem that afflicts the Achuar communities. A major outbreak of measles in Kapawi, province of Pastaza, forced authorities to declare a quarantine in the community living around 300 indigenous Achuar. In addition to the  tragic deaths of 12 people from rabies (apparently caused by bat bites) in three specific Achuar communities, this new outbreak has local inhabitants most concerned.  Health authorities have put into …

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Oct 21 2011

Measles Outbreak in Central Andean Sierra region of Ecuador

October 21, 2011 UPDATE A Nationwide Measles (or sarampión in Spanish) vaccination campaign starts in its first phase with children from 6 months to 4 years of age. Confirmed cases to date are holding at 102, according to the Ecuadorian Health Authorities. October 19, 2011 UPDATE 102 cases of Measles reported: Tungurahua province with the …

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Sep 05 2011

Health & Safety

There are currently no ‘Health & Safety’ news bulletins. Bulletins include any safety-related issues (e.g. crime, theft etc) along with health issues (e.g. immunizations, infections & disease reports etc). As soon as somethings occurs in this section, it will immediately be published.