Jun 01 2012

Scuba divers dies in the Galapagos Islands

Sadly, this is the second news posting today of a fatality during adventure/extreme sports activities.

… Scuba diver dies while scuba diving with Albatros Tours in the Galapagos Islands … more information to follow.

This fact was confirmed this afternoon with a trusted source directly in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island in Galapagos. Although no official news has hit the airwaves, the apparent cause was a heart attack (to be confirmed).

Although I do practice such activities as kayaking, scuba diving, white-water rafting myself, I take all the necessary precautions and make sure the equipment I use is in perfect working order (or if using someone else’s equipment that it is supervised and maintained by a professional).

When it comes to practicing these types of activities in foreign countries and travel destinations, please make sure that you are in professional, experienced and reputable hands. Your life can depend on it!

Saving a few bucks to opt for a cheap option can have a very heavy price attached.

Note: While many supposed diving tours exist in the islands, many are not run by professionals. There are, however, a half dozen or so professional and reputable scuba diving operations in the Galapagos Islands. Please choose wisely when considering such an enjoyable (but potentially dangerous) activity. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information on these reputable and professional operations. info@sangay.com

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  1. Sean Cervone

    This article is rediculous. The divers there are extremely professional and safe. I am from the United States and have many dives. These divers were extremely attentive and amazing to dive with. This article makes it seem like this fatality was their fault which is nonsense. I feel for the family and their loss but do not feel it was because the dive shop made an error. Great dive shop and highly recommended.

    1. Robin Slater


      I appreciate your frank comment. The article actually indicates “the apparent cause was a heart attack (to be confirmed)”.

      Here are other comments related to this operation: (1) http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g297533-i9895-k3563947-Diving_warning-Puerto_Ayora_Santa_Cruz_Galapagos_Islands.html (2) http://www.photogravity.de/category/globetrooping/diving/

  2. ramiro.duran@sbcglobal.net

    I dove with Alabatros myself, during mid July 2014. They were the cheapest and that should have been an indicator. We had a total of 7 divers and only one Dive Master. The Dive Master was vomiting en route during our 2 hour boat ride (he was seriously hung over). They prepared our gear, and I am so glad that I checked my air. As they were rushing me to jump I was checking my air and found that they forgot to turn my air on.

  3. Sam from NZ

    My partner and I went to Gordon Rocks with Albatros Tours in June 2015. The dive masters were informative and their gear was decent, but a couple of things let them down. They forgot to turn on my partner’s air when setting up. Another guy had a faulty reg and asked to change it before the first dive. The crew were reluctant to change it and only changed it on the second dive after being asked more than once.

    Under the water I’ll be honest there wasn’t much action on the day, but I did feel that we were being lead around by the dive master in quite a haphazard way. We didn’t have a clear route, and we went deep to 30m+ for no apparent reason, which made the dive quite short. The most annoying thing though is when your guide jealously guards their leading position, and seems more interested in taking photos than finding and pointing things out to you. The photos we received were low-res and there were no videos.

    Our next dive we went with a Galapagos Travellers to the same location, and we had a much better experience for the same price.

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