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[MONEY] What currency does Ecuador use?
Ecuador is on the US dollar system.  We strongly recommend traveling with a combination of Traveller's Cheques, US cash & credit cards.  With the exception of airline ticket purchases, all credit card purchases in Ecuador are subject to a 10% surcharge.  You can use your credit card for cash advances at ATMs.  Most banks limited daily withdrawls to US $100 to $200 daily, except the Banco Pichincha and Banco de Guayaquil (which on average can dispense US $500 daily).

[SAFETY] Is it safe to travel in Peru & Ecuador?
Ecuador and Peru are safe to travel.  More than anything, some unfortunate tourist are the victims of petty theft (camera, wallet etc).  However, some recommendations to avoid potential problems are the following:
  • Take a copy of your passport.  You can travel with a photocopy of your passport (except when taking flights - when your original passport is required);
  • Take out travel/medical insurance prior to arriving in Ecuador and Peru - for lost or stolen items this comes in handy;
  • Potentially problematic areas (usually petty theft) include the old/Colonial sector of Quito, Guayaquil, the border region with Colombia and the border region with Peru, crowded areas (like bus stations etc);
  • more details to follow ......
[ELECTRICITY] What type of currency & electrical outlets are there?
Ecuador uses 110 volts, 60 cycles AC currency.  In older establishments, electrical outlets may only be two flat pins (with no ground), while modern establishments use three pin (with ground).
[AIRPORTS] Where are the airports in Ecuador?
Ecuador has two International airports: QUITO and GUAYAQUIL.  The International departure tax at both (Quito & Guayaquil) airports are NOW included in the International airline ticket rate (unlike previously where passengers were required to pay this fee not included in airline tickets at the departure counter).

Domestic/national airports include: Baltra (Galapagos), Coca, Cuenca, Esmeraldes, Lago Agrio, Loja, Macas, Manta, Portoviejo, San Cristobal (Galapagos) and Tulcan. 

[BUSES] What is the public bus system like in Ecuador?
Ecuador has two main bus stations: QUITO and GUAYAQUIL.  From these two terminals there are numerous provincial, inter-provincial and International (Colombia & Peru) buses.  All major towns and cities are connected via an ample selection of buses serving destinations such as:
NORTH Tulcan, Ibarra, Otavalo, Cayambe, Mitad del Mundo
CENTRAL Machachi, Latacunga, Ambato, Banos, Riobamba
EAST Baeza, Tena, Puyo, Coca, Lago Agrio
SOUTH Cuenca, Loja, Machala, Huaquillas, Macas
COAST Salinas, Manta, Bahia de Caraquez, Atacames, Esmeraldes

Moving around the country in public buses is economic and handy.  Detailed bus companies and schedules to air shortly.
updating information to stay accurate .....


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